ACS: Base Nodes Explainer

The Base Node set includes the following: -

Based on the diagram above and moving from left to right

Start: The start node must be the first node in the Call Plan. All Feature Nodes in the Call Plan must be available on a branch starting from the Start Node.

End: This node signifies the end of the Call Plan branch.

Unconditional Termination: The Unconditional Termination node directs the call to be terminated to a specified Termination Number.

Termination Numbers are specified as ranges of numbers in the ACS Configuration screens.

Attempt Terminate: The Attempt Termination Feature node will attempt to terminate the call to a specified Termination Number, but if for some reason it cannot terminate to that number correctly, it has several other actions it may perform. For example, overflow the call ‘On Busy’, ‘No Answer’, ‘Routing Selection Failure’.

Proportional Routing: This node allows calls to be routed to different exits, based on the proportion of calls that are received. The user may configure the proportions of calls to be routed to each exit.

For example, you may wish 20% of calls to be routed to one exit, and 80% of calls to be routed to a second exit. This could be achieved by entering 20:80 in the node edit screen, or by entering 1:4.

Dynamic Switch: The switching node allows calls to be routed to a specified exit. The switching node is simply a switch. It can point to one exit at any time and does not make any decision-based routing. All calls that reach that node are directed to the exit to which the switch points.

Disconnect: This node will disconnect a call.

Call Plan Notes: Call Plan Notes enable a user to comment on how a call plan and its nodes operates – they describe what a specific call plan is doing or they may be used to explain how a particular call plan has been modified. They add no functionality to the Call Plan.

Once Call Plan Notes have been placed on the work area, they may be moved around the work area, duplicated and deleted as required. Call Plan Notes will 'stick' where they are placed when the Call Plan is saved and reloaded.

Terminate Unchanged: The Terminate Unchanged node does not terminate the call to a specified Termination Number. The number that is dialled is used to connect the call. It is unlikely this node will be used in conjunction with a AAPT Reach (inbound) service, as an inbound number is logical. It is included here as it is part of the Base Node set and needs to be described.

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