ACS: Answer Point Change

One of the most frequent Data Changes – is an Answer Point Change. 

The below call plan represents the most common and the simplest of Call Plans. A
Single Answer Point Call Plan with no complex geographical routeing features. In

In this example, calls are collected Australia wide and all terminate to the same
Answer Point. It requires a Start Node, an Unconditional Termination Node and an
End Node.


How do you change the Answer Point?

For Example: for an Unconditional Termination Node – pictured above

(Note: The same process applies for changing Answer Points of other nodes)

Position the cursor over the Feature Node and select it by right clicking the mouse – the data associated with that Feature Node will be displayed in a new window.

  • To change the answer point, delete the number in ‘Termination Number’ field and type in the new number. 
  • Notes on who and why the change was made can be made by selecting ‘Comments’ – a new window will open – add any comments and ‘Save’ 
  • The Node name always defaults to be the same as the Termination Number, but you could also name it as something else: e.g.) Sydney Call Centre. 
  • The Answer Point Change is completed after you select ‘Save’.


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