ACS: Call Overflow Setting

Calls can be overflowed on ‘Busy’, ‘No Answer’ or ‘Routing Failure’.

Call Overview Concept

The call plan below has two levels of overflow and a final termination
point. Calls are overflowed on ‘Busy’, ‘No Answer’, or due to ‘Route Selection
Failure’ (network congestion).

The following provides an example on how to make changes to the Data for an ‘Attempt Termination’ Node 

Attempt Termination Node – pictured above

Position the cursor over the Feature Node and select it by right clicking the mouse – the data associated with that Feature Node will be displayed in a new window.

  • With this Attempt Termination Node, calls can be routed to an alternative answer point on Busy (route 2) or No Answer (route 3) or Routing Failure (route 6) after a timeout. 
  • The ‘Termination Number’ can be changed as previously described. 
  • Timeout in seconds can be amended. 
  • Abandon is when the caller hangs up before being connected. 
  • Success, Abandon or Abort all connect to an Exit node. 
  • Remember to select ‘Save’ once changes have been made 
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