ACS: Navigating the Menu

Upon logging into the ACS interface, the user will be presented with the following menu.

  • Customer: The Customer option provides details on the customer and users
  • Configuration: The Configuration option provides details and information concerning the setup and maintenance of private data sets – including: Geographic routing sets, announcement sets and feature sets. This is maintained primarily by the system administrator 
  • Resources: The Resources option includes details on the maintenance of Customer resources – such as number translations and termination numbers/ranges that are supported within the platform. This is maintained primarily by the system administrator 
  • Numbers: The Numbers option is used to allocate service numbers (13,1300,1800) to Call Plans. AAPT manages the allocation of numbers.
  • Password: The Password option is used to change the password for authorised Customer users.
  • Tools: Administrator only – used to set and maintain system languages (Language, Access Management, Networks, Default Termination Range and Global Configuration).
  • Call Plans: Used to access the creation environment for call routing.
  • Statistics: Used to display peg counter events.
  • Help: ACS Online assistance – invaluable reference source for information on ACS and its functions. Should be used in conjunction with this user manual to improve overall understanding of ACS.
  • Exit: Quit application
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