Desktop Communicator Setup Guide

Installation on a Desktop

  1. The Desktop client is available at:
  2. Double-click on UC-One.bc-uc.osx- dmg (for Mac) or (for Windows) and then follow the installation instructions.
  3. Start the UC One Communicator application.
  4. Enter your login URL which is: and click ‘OK’.

Enter a user name and password, which you received with your welcome email.

Note: The login username is case sensitive. Your login username will start with either a “U” or "A" which must be entered as uppercase.

Start and Sign in

If you have enabled automatic login (Sign-in automatically), then after the client starts, you automatically go to your Contact List. If you have not enabled automatic login, then click OK in the Sign-in window. The previously-used user name is automatically remembered. The password can be automatically remembered as well.

User Interface Layout of the Desktop Client

When you start the client for the first time, your contact list is empty. You can use the search field to find people and then directly add them from the search results to populate your Contact List. You can also manually add contacts using the Add Contact button.

Making Calls

You can make calls from the:

  • Contact list
  • Contact card
  • Call history
  • Dialer

Adjust Desktop Client Microphone and Loudspeaker Settings

In the desktop client, to choose an audio device, you choose Preferences in the main menu (under BroadSoft logo in Windows and on the Main menu on a Mac).

You can also select a different default audio device in Windows using the Control Panel. On Mac, it is in the System preferences for “Sound”.


Important Icons

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