BizPhone How To: User Details

User Details allows the user to manage and modify their details, including changing their Frontier User Portal password and their Voice Portal passcode when required.

User Details allows the administrator to manage and modify the user details when required. For example, when a user leaves the company, the administrator can replace the user details with the new or other user if the handset is reallocated to a different user.

How do you use it?
By changing your setting in Frontier, your preference will then be applied to all future calls.
Default setting: Un-configured

How to configure in Frontier:

  • To access the User Details, click on the “User Details” on the menu located on the left.
  • Enter the user details.
    User Details Description
    First Name* Enter the first name of the user.
    Last Name* Enter the last name of the user.
    Email Address* Enter the email address of the user.
    Mobile* Enter the mobile address of the user.
    New Password Enter a new password for the user’s Frontier user portal (if applicable).
    Please retype new password Retype the password you have just entered.
    Please enter Portal Passcode Enter a new passcode for the user’s voice portal.
    Please retype new passcode Retype your passcode you have just entered for the user’s voice portal.
  • Once you have finished entering the user details, click “Update” to save the details you have just entered or modified for the user.
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