My Phone System is ready! How do I log into it?

The Phone System solution has many configurable features providing the customisation to your phone system that suits you best.

You can sign into your phone system online! Just head to our log-in page and select the plan you’d like:


Log in to the Portal

Enter your Phone system username and password.

Phone System Admin Portal
Once you log in to the portal, below page (Main page) will appear.


Account Access Tyes

System Administrator
The Administrator will have access to the Frontier Admin portal to set or modify the BizPhone phone system and end user configuration options, such as:

  • Group Level configuration options
  • Configuration of any existing phone/user settings (Call Forward, Do not Disturb, etc..)

BizPhone user
The user will have access to set or modify the end user configuration, such as: Call Forward, Call Waiting, Voice mail settings, etc.

The username and password for the Administrator account is emailed to your account contact along with the Service Completion Advice.


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