How to: Schedules and Events

Schedules and Events allows the administrator to set up the Time schedule and Holiday schedule for BizPhone services.

The Time schedule and Holiday schedule are used in the following BizPhone features/services:

  • Auto Attendant
  • Call Forwarding Selective
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Sequential Ring
  • Call Notify
  • Priority Alert

To route calls based on the time of the day (business or after hours), you can configure the Time schedule. You can also configure your company holiday schedule by identifying the dates of the holiday in the Holiday schedule.

How to create and configure Schedules and Events in Frontier:

  • To access the Schedules and Events, click on the icon next to “Schedules and Events” on the mainSchedules and Events page will appear (below).
  • Create a schedule by entering the Schedule Name and the Schedule Type.
    Create Schedule Description
    Schedule Name* Enter the name for the schedule.
    For example Christmas Holiday, etc.
    Schedule Type Select the required Schedule Type:
    - Holiday: if you wish to create a Holiday Schedule.
    - Time: if you wish to create a Time Schedule (Business or After hours).
  • Click “Save” under the Create Schedule section to save the schedule you have just created. You can create multiple schedules by repeating the same steps above.
  • Once the Schedules is created, it will appear under Current Schedules section on the same screen.


  • To create event for the schedule, click on the  icon next to the schedule you have just created and the schedule page drop down and you can now create the event for the schedule by clicking on the “Create Event” button.
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