BizPhone How To: Three Way Conference Call

3-Way Conference Call
3-Way Conference Call enables a user to bring a third party into an existing conversation, and allows the three parties to listen and talk to each other.

How to start a Three Way Conference Call.

 How do you use it?
To use the 3-Way Conference Call, you must start on a connected call.

Press the “Conf” or “Conference” key on the phone, and then enter the number of the third party you wish to conference in. Once they answer the call you can speak to them privately, and then press the “Conf” or “Conference” key again to join all parties together.

Note: If either of the two parties hang up during the call, the call with the other party remains connected. It the user hangs up, the other two parties will be disconnected.

Default Setting: On (Not configurable)

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