How To: Simultaneous Ring

Simultaneous Ring allows incoming calls to ring on multiple phone numbers or extensions in addition to user’s phone.

How do you use it?
By changing the settings in Frontier, the preference will then be applied to all future calls.

Default setting: Un-configured

How to configure in Frontier:
To access Simultaneous Ring, go to the users section under BizPhone Admin (bottom part of the main page), click on the icon for each user that you wish to configure and when the BizPhone user page appears, click on “Simultaneous Ring” menu on the left.

The Simultaneous Ring is configured in 2 parts:

  1. Activate and configure Simultaneous Ring options (top part of the screen).
  2. Create criteria for the Simultaneous Ring (bottom part of the screen).

- You need to set up a create criteria before you can activate the Simultaneous Ring feature for the user.

- You need to set up “Schedules and Events” before you can enter a Create Criteria or you can use the default Time Schedule. To set up the Schedules and Events, please refer to Schedules and Events section in this document.

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