BizPhone How To: Speed Dial 8

Speed Dial 8
Speed Dial 8 allows the user to define up to 8 frequently dialled numbers and have them dialled using a single key on the handset.

Set up your Speed Dial 8 list through the BizPhone Portal, including adding, removing and editing users in the Speed Dial 8 list.

How do you use it?

Once the Speed Dial 8 is configured in the Frontier portal (or handset), pick up the phone and press the single number of the speed dial (2-9) and then press “Send”.

Default setting: Un-configured

How to configure in Frontier:

  • To access the Speed Dial 8, click on “Speed Dial 8” menu on the left.
  • Enter the phone number next to the “Phone Number” of each Speed Dial code. You can also enter the description, for example the user’s name next to the “Description”. The number indicates the number that you should enter for the Speed Dial.

For example: If you enter a phone number under “#2” and you wish to call the number via Speed Dial, then you need to enter “2” on your handset.

  •  Click “Update” to save the changes.

How to set on Handsets:

  • Lift the handset and dial *74.
  • When you hear the dial tone, enter the one-digit code (2-9) that you want to represent the number you want to program, followed by the complete phone number and press the “#” key.

Note: International numbers can only be added to the Speed Dial fields only when the user is already allowed to make international calls

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