How to access your Voice to Email service

To access your IP Hub Voice to Email service

  1. Dial 1300 787 313 from any phone
  2. When prompted: Enter your mailbox ID. (These details are provided by IP Hub)
  3. Press #
  4. Enter your Passcode
  5. Press #
  6. Listen to your Messages.

After you have logged in to the Voice Portal as a user, the Main Menu items are announced, as follows:

  • To access your voice mailbox, press 1.
  • To change your CommPilot Express Profile, press 2.
  • To record your name, press 3.
  • To change your Call Forwarding options, press 4.
  • To make a call, press 6.
  • To change your passcode, press 8.
  • To exit the Voice Portal, press 9.
  • To repeat this menu, press the pound key (#).

The Voice Portal allows you to retrieve your voicemail and configure your voicemail service.

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