What is a Smartnumber and how does it work?

Smartnumbers are distinctive phone numbers that are considered ‘the best’ 13, 1300, and 1800 numbers available. These inbound numbers come in the form of phone words which spell out your business name or service, and numbers that come in repeating or sequenced numerical patterns e.g. 1300 10 10 10.

The cost of purchasing the rights of use to a Smartnumber varies. You may buy it directly from the IP HUB or from ACMA with the help of our customer service team. Each number can cost $250 upwards. Once you have secured your number IP HUB can activate it as your provider.

Smartnumbers offer the flexibility when it comes to call management - just like a regular 13, 1300, 1800 number. Calls to your Smartnumber are automatically redirected to one or more of your preferred answerpoints. Depending on the package you select, these answerpoints can include landlines, mobiles, VoIP phones, or a Live Answering service. The cost of calls to your Smartnumber will depend on the inbound service plan that you select.

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